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administration can use obama care at some point to become a public -- a positive public relations exercise? >> well, it just depends. they really need to get a lot of people in. if you start getting people in who can find insurance and they feel good about the affordability of it, certainly then that becomes a testament, but at the moment they really have really big hurdles to overcome with this main way for people to sign up in some 36 states. just yesterday on the sunday shows obama administration was kind of, you know, talking down some expectations on enrollment numbers. one of the white house advisors yesterday saying i can promise you the numbers are going to be low when they finally do start reporting them later this month. >> bertha, thank you very much for the update there. >>> here are your headlines today. the end game for sac capital's saga. they learn the hedge fund could sign a deal today. >>> hsbc predisabilities growth in asia as they predict a 30% rise in pretax profit. >>> and what next for blackberry. reports suggest a fairfax financial takeover bid is lacking juice. >>>
the chance today to grill the top administration official closest to the rollout of the troubled obama care website. medicare chief marilyn tavenner will testify before the house ways and means committee about wa went wrong with healthcare.gov and whether she saw any of it coming. some democrats have now joined with republicans in calling for a one-year delay of the law's penalties for people who remain uninsured. ross, back to you. >> all right. seem ma, that story is going to run for now. have a great day there. >>> apple, profit down for the third straight period in its fiscal fourth quarter. revenue easy rose 4%, boosted by sales of the new iphone 5s and 5c. growth margins slipped, even though am sold 33.8 million iphones. analysts were hoping for a bigger sales beat after revenue margins would come in at the high end of guidance. analysts at william blair and co, thank you for joining us for now. i like the fact, it always amuses me when we get a beat. therefore, it's not a beat. anyway, that's just the way expectations work. look, what pleases you about these numbers and how big a pro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2